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4 Tips for Protecting Your Car From Break-Ins

Driving A Car
Whether you live or work in an area where car break-ins are common, you may worry that your own car could be a target for thieves. If so, use the following tips to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of theft by protecting your car from being broken into.
#1:  Park in Well-Lit, Well-Populated Areas
The first thing you should do when trying to protect your car is to consider where you park. If you normally park in an area that has little to no lighting, the darkness will act as a cover for potential thieves. This natural cover will entice them by presenting your car as an easy target.
Darkened areas are not the only places you should avoid. Even if a parking place has some lighting, your car could become a target if people rarely walk through the area.
Whenever possible, select a parking place that has plenty of light with a generous amount of foot traffic. If a thief feels that they run the risk of being seen, they most likely will pass by your vehicle.
#2:  Remove or Hide All Valuables
Once you have selected an ideal parking space with lots of lighting and foot traffic, the next thing you need to do to make your vehicle less attractive to thieves is to remove or hide all valuables. If a potential burglar walks by your car and sees your laptop, purse, or even change, they will be tempted to break in.
Before you exit your car, decide what items you want to take with you. Never leave easily removable items on your seats or floorboards. Take your phone, purse, wallet, and even laptop with you, as these items are highly valuable.
If you must leave anything behind in your car, hide them from plain sight. Use your glove compartment to hide small items. For flat or medium-sized packages, slide them under the seat until they are completely hidden.
If you have any large packages, stow them away in your trunk. Even if a thief breaks into your car's passenger compartment, they will not likely have time to open the trunk to see what's inside.
#3:  Consider Tinting Your Windows
You will have times when you will not be able to remove all of your valuables or even fit everything into the trunk, such as when you shop or travel out of town. If you often find that you face this scenario, consider putting tints on your windows.
If your windows are tinted, the darkened glass makes it difficult for any potential thieves to see what is in your car. If they are unable to discern whether you have something valuable, they may likely pass by without breaking in. Since time is of the essence for them when burglarizing a vehicle, they may not wish to take the risk of breaking in only to find they have nothing they want to steal.
#4:  Install an Alarm System with a Blinking Dashboard Light
Even if you follow the above tips, an ambitious thief who is willing to take an extra risk may target your car. One deterrent for this type of brazen thief is to install an alarm system that includes a blinking dashboard light.
If a thief sees the blinking light on the dashboard, they will know that your car has an alarm system. They most likely will change their plans, since the triggered alarm would attract attention to them.
Using the tips above can help deter thieves from breaking into your car. Contact a representative from X-Pert Tint and Auto Alarms to discuss your options for making your vehicle more secure.