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5 Habits That Make Your Car Messy

Clean Car Interior
You keep your house relatively tidy, so why does your car always look like a rolling trash can? Oftentimes, packed daily schedules and eating on the go are to blame, leaving people with cars that are riddled with trash, half-eaten food, and objects that belong at home. Here are five daily habits that are making your car messy and instructions for how to change your ways.

1. Keeping Receipts

Hanging on to receipts can help you to make personal finances easier later, but how likely are you to head out to your car to gather up all of your receipts from gas purchases, shop visits, and grocery store runs? All too often, these receipts end up stuffed in door pockets or littering the floor of your vehicle.
Instead of hanging on to every receipt that prints, consider keeping a financial log notebook in your car's glove compartment and jotting down those purchases instead of hanging on to small paper receipts. In addition to making it easy to analyze all of your purchases, this method saves paper and protects the environment.

2. Relying On Fast Food

Every day, more than 50 million customers turn to fast food chains for food on the go. Unfortunately, those tasty burgers and crispy fries come with quite a few plastic and paper packages, which can make your car messy. Additionally, fast food smells can permeate the upholstery of your car, leaving behind an oily scent that stays for weeks.
To prevent fast food messes, make at-home eating a priority, or else take the time to sit down in a restaurant to enjoy a great meal. If you have to pack food along with you to eat on the run, bring along reusable glass or plastic containers, keep them in your purse or briefcase, and then make sure to take your containers inside when you get home.

3. Changing in Your Car

If you commute to work, you might not have time to run back home to grab your gym bag or your evening outfit. Instead of changing inside, you might make short work of the job by making your car a temporary closet. However, changing in your car is a recipe for a mess, since clothing items like socks, sports bras, and even shoes can get left behind.
Instead of changing in your car, bring your clothing into whatever establishment you go to next, and use the bathroom. Because you won't want to leave a mess behind, you will pack away all of your extra clothing, making it easier to grab when you get home.

4. Packing Toys for Kids

Children are notoriously restless in the car, prompting parents to pack toys, books, games, and even entertainment consoles to make daily trips less stressful for everyone. However, kids are incredibly prone to leaving behind messes, so do what you can to limit what goes in the car.
Instead of filling the backseat with activities, allow your child to bring one toy, book, or game in the vehicle. Then ask them to take it with them when you return home. Better yet, consider installing a seat-mounted television on the back of the front car chairs or training your little ones to look out the window.

5. Using the Back Seat Like a Trashcan

If you don't travel with back seat passengers very often, it can be tempting to use that free space like a large portable trashcan whenever you go anywhere. However, leaving trash and debris in your back seat can make your car look incredibly disheveled and can attract pests like ants into your vehicle.
Instead of tossing debris in your back seat, keep a trashcan made for cars inside of your vehicle. These soft, flexible trashcans can be hung from car seats or around center consoles, giving you a convenient place to dispose of garbage.  
Fortunately, here at X-Pert Tint and Auto Alarms, we can make short work of even the messiest vehicle. With detailing packages available for every budget, you can keep your car immaculate without your worrying about how to pay for the job. Stop by today to make your car look and feel new and fresh.