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Four Benefits of Tinting Your Car’s Windows

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement
Having your car's windows tinted not only looks cool, but it offers many other benefits as well. If you are considering upgrading your vehicle so it's more enjoyable to drive and lasts longer, discover why tinting is a great investment to make. Here are just four benefits of having your vehicle's windows tinted.

Tinting Adds Value to Your Car

You're not the only one who will enjoy having your car's windows tinted – future buyers will appreciate the added perk as well. Tinting your car's windows adds value to your vehicle, which can give you a greater return on your vehicle's overall investment.
If you are upgrading your windows with resale value in mind, then before you tint your windows, you will want to talk to your automotive expert about the available shades of tinting. A tint that is too dark may be imposing to potential buyers, while a lighter or more durable tint can attract a wider customer base. There are laws regarding vehicle window tinting in every state, so make sure you understand just how dark your windows can be before you make the investment.

Tinting Protects Your Vehicle’s Interior

Sunlight penetrates traditional car windows and can cause damage to the interior. If you have leather or vinyl seats in your car, nontinted windows can let in sunlight that will wear out the interior over time. To prevent cracking, fading, and other interior damage to your dash and interior materials, tint your vehicle's windows so the inside stays beautiful, longer.

Tinting Reduces Driver Glare

When the sun starts to set or is rising early in the morning, it puts a direct glare on your windshield that can make it difficult for you to see when driving. A proper window tint that reflects the sun's rays acts like an extra pair of sunglasses, allowing you to drive more safely.
When exploring window tinting options for improved driver safety, keep UV-ray protection in mind. A window tint that is slightly gray or green in appearance rather than a darker black can work very well to help reduce driver glare. Your auto specialist can show you the best types of tinting for blocking the sun's rays while making your car's windows more attractive.

Tinting Protects Your Windshield

The sun can gradually damage your windshield because the heat will cause the glass to expand and shrink, leading to cracks and fault lines in your window glass. Tinting helps prevent sun damage to your windshield so it can last longer.
Tinting also adds a second layer of protection against flying debris, such as rocks, so you can encounter fewer fractures or cracks in your window glass.
Since there are many types of tinting available for vehicle windows, each providing its own set of benefits, it's best to talk to your automobile specialist about what you expect out of window tinting. Expressing what you want in your windows can help an expert choose the best type of tint for your needs.
The cost to tint your windows varies depending on how large your car's windows are, the type of tint you want, and how many windows you want done. Average costs begin around $50 and can go upward of $600 or more. You can receive a quote from an auto tinting shop prior to having work done so you know what to expect for your own vehicle's tinting job.
The right professional window tinting job can make your vehicle safer and more enjoyable to drive. At X-Pert Tint and Auto Alarms, our goal is to treat your car like our own and give you beautiful tinted windows you will be proud of.